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Winfield's Stream of Consciousness

Here are some thoughts I have. They may not make sense, but whatever. I have to go take a test.

Coming into Thursday, we were on the doorstep of a national love affair with Paul Johnson and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. We crossed the threshold and then were promptly kicked in the balls and the door was slammed shut behind us. It is time for us to find the battering ram and knock the door down; it begins with North Carolina on Saturday.

Forget the Coastal division race right now. We shot ourselves in the foot in that regards on Thursday. Become a Hokie fan, but that is all we can do for now. Let's focus on what we must do. Beat North Carolina.  Not slightly, not barely, but by a total 4-quarter dominating effort. UNC has a big defensive line who will look at the tape from last week as see how Miami beat up on our much smaller offensive line. We must bind together, stay strong, and block! Nesbitt must be able to make the read while standing and not on his back after getting smashed.

Defensively, (shudder) we seem to be in a mess. Dabo Swinney adjusted correctly and made us look bad. Jacory Harris and Miami made us look foolish because we attempted to play a football game against them. The Tarheels offensive line seems to be in the same boat as we are: young, weak, and inexperienced. Take advantage of this weakness and stifle them.

Three games into the season and it may seem like the sky is falling. It's not. However, we learned a lot about our team on Thursday and we aren't quite as pretty as we anticipated. I have learned to expect my heart to be broken every year as a Georgia Tech fan. It's not broken yet, only disappointed. Bring it on Jackets, because the fans want you and need you back.