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Georgia Tech 2009 PSA

The Georgia Tech PSA's have come quite a ways over the past few years. Two years ago brought you the robotic arm and last  year, the Ramblin' Reck did an Evil Knieval-type jump. This year, the Mini-500 is the centerpiece:

From the T-Book:

  The Mini 500 is one of Georgia Tech’s most original and cherished traditions. The annual tricycle race around Peters Parking Deck was first held by the Ramblin’ Reck Club in 1969 and now takes place on the Friday afternoon before the Homecoming football game. The current rules allow for a team of up to seven members, with four taking turns as drivers and three on the pit crew. Men must complete 15 laps and women must complete 10, but all teams are required to rotate the front tire of their tricycle three times before the end of the race. Some engineering is involved, as much needed (but very restricted) reinforcement of the tricycle is necessary in order to survive the race. The hilarity of watching college students struggle around the parking deck on a five-year-old’s tricycle makes the Mini 500 one of the most popular spectator events of Homecoming week.


Are there any MIni-500 stories out there? I raced my freshman year and it was one of the most exhausting 2 1/2 hours of my life.