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Miami Game Recap

Key Points last night that I noted:

1. Miami beat us on the LOS all night. They had simple plays that were predictable based on the personnel presented to our defense yet we couldn't stop 'em. There was no pressure from the d line and our o line could not stop Miami's explosive d line. I think we'll see comparable defenses to Miami's in UNC, VT, and Georgie. However, these defenses will have much less time to prepare for us. UNC plays a tough ECU team this weekend limiting their prep time against our O. VT will face-off with a possible Atlantic contender in BC the week proceeding our game. Georgie will face Kentucky the Pushover while we get a week off before Thanksgiving.

2. Unlike most offenses that run through the QB, our offense runs through Jon Dwyer. If he is hurt or out of the game, then we can't do anything offensively. We lack the passing game to make big plays down field and need Dwyer to tie up the LB's/DL in order for any sort of play to occur on the edge (or between the tackles for that matter).

3. Our secondary was involved in over 50% of the tackles last night meaning our first and second tiers on defense were completely negated from every play. This may be a combination of defensive philosophy and personnel issues. Now, we know how important D-Rich, MJ, and Vance were last year. Our secondary is not bad. They are being isolated and picked apart because there literally is no pressure on the QB. As long as Derrick Morgan is double teamed every game, our pass rush is ZERO.

4. It's becoming more and more apparent that teams with decent defensive coordinators and 2 weeks to prepare can stop the triple option. Our passing game and other aspects of our offense must become weapons rather than liabilities SOON.

5. Miami had our game circled on the schedule. Their goal after last season was to end their "drought" against GT. I don't blame them. We did the same to Georgie last season.

Let me know your post game thoughts.