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Blog Poll ANALysis - Week 2 is in

Looking at Week 2's blog poll numbers, we see some interesting voting trends. Let's start with the ugly. Card Chronicle (UoL), Husker Mike's Blasphemy (NE), Gate 21 (TN), and the Ciskie Blog (WI) did not include us in the top 25. I'm excusing Black Heart Gold Pants because his poll is based on some weird scoring system. These guys, however, are haters.

Secondly, here's some good. The ACC led the charge for GT with an average ranking of 11th for GT. The worst conference was the PAC 10 with an average ranking of 14th for GT. The PAC 10 also happens to be the laziest conference in the blog poll in that just over 50% have even submitted blog polls. Taking them on their word is like trusting a government employee with spelling your last name correctly.

Next up, is our map of favoritism. Once again, yellow states are our best friends, blue states are neutral/friendly, brown states are not very nice, and red states are very hostile towards GT:


Wow! What happened to our home base??? Apparently, the state of South Carolina wasn't happy about last weekend's game and it is definitely reflected in the blog poll. I applaud the States of New Jersey and Virginia's bloggers (even if they don't live in said state) for holding strong with GT. I'm pretty sure Brendan's weekly top 10 ranking is a curse on GT for the 1990 UVA game but for now we like it 'cause it's keeping the State of Virginia on our side through and through.

Also, I will say good show to the States of Oregon, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Kentucky for continuing their weekly dose of hater-ade by maintaining their bottom quartile status for the past three blog polls. Here are maps of Preseason and Week 1 polls.