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This Weekend's ACC Schedule

Every weekend, I like picking out certain games to watch or at least follow. I always follow the Coastal Divisions' troop movements, Georgia's forays into the wilderness, and any "big" games that might happen to catch my eye. This weekend I would I like to see UNC, VT, FSU, and Wake vanquish their foes but expose chinks in their respective armor.

Duke and Army perplexes me a little. Do I want the Blue Devils to ever succeed in anything? No, not really. Do they have a shot against Army? I'd say both teams are evenly matched. Last week, Army disposed of a terrible Directional Michigan while Duke was felled by I-AA national champion Richmond. I'd say this'll be a game worth watching if you enjoy incredibly terrible football

Brendan From Old Virginia mentioned an interestingly funny idea about I-AA's on his ACC Roundtable. When talking about the MD-JMU matchup this Saturday, he said:
I'll take Maryland for all the schadenfreudey goodness of watching a rival join the ranks of I-AA dog chow. Then we can argue back and forth about whether JMU or W&M is the better team.
I thought it would actually be funny to see Maryland take a hit like that. You know why? 'Cause I'm becoming incredibly detached from the importance of "conference strength." I don't mind if bottom feeders lose anymore. I don't care about "conference depth." I want some great teams to emerge from this conference to remove the mystique about the ACC. Not great offenses. Not great defenses. Great teams.

Concerning the TCU-UVA danceoff, I'd like to see UVA pull it off. Hell, UVA's done crazier shit lately in regular seasons. Like following a major FSU win with a 7 to 5 loss to UNC! Who scores 5 points?

And finally, I'll be watching the Dog-Coot blunderfest on ESPN2. I wanna see the Gamecocks take care of business. Eventually the Coots will spiral abysmally down the tube but I'm hoping it's not until the third game of the season. Every loss Georgia takes adds another year to my life - It's like laughing for 24 straight hours.

I may also try to watch some of the Notre Dame game and some of the Houston-OKSU shootout. Let me know your thoughts on this upcoming weekend.