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ACC Roundtable Week 1

Before we dive deep into more Clemson hype, it is CollegeGameBalls' turn to host the ACC Roundtable. Hope you enjoy.

1. *Ding Dong* The pizza man is here, did your team deliver what you
expected in their opener, why or why not?

Not really.  1) Too many fumbles. 2) Too many dropped passes. 3) No flyover for the home opener.  Defensively we played very well.  There are some stars on GT's squad but paranoia runs deep in the mind of the average GT fan. Miscues and blown plays could ruin the season against tough ACC opponents.

2. The ACC was downright pathetic in week one. Which display of
ineptitude shocked you the most? Going forward is there hope for the

Virginia losing to W&M was the most disappointing.  I think we all thought Duke had turned the corner with Cutcliffe and Thad Lewis back for his senior season.  However, Richmond was a diesel in I-AA football and teams unprepared for I-AA teams are gonna get their shit kicked in (ala Michigan vs. Appy State).  Virginia, however, should've rolled William and Mary.  Virginia has had 28 draft picks since 2001 (Al Groh's hire) versus William & Mary's 1.  The talent is overwhelming, UVA returned a group of veteran QB's in Verica, Sewell, and Hall.  The coaches' game plan failed and the players failed.  Seven turnovers is pathetic.

The ACC will move forward but unlike last year where there were a lot of middling teams.  This year the country should hopefully focus on several good teams in Miami, FSU, GT, VT, and Clemson and ignore the bottom end.  Hell, they do it for the SEC.

3. After the show they put on Monday night, Atlantic bloggers is FSU
the team to beat and what about Miami Coastalites?

After GT plays Clemson on Thursday night, we'll know who the strongest team in the Coastal is because everyone in the top end of the Coastal will have played a decent I-A team.  Just because Miami threw for a billion yards against FSU doesn't mean Miami is back.  It may mean FSU is bad and Miami's offense is not inept - a high likelihood since the departure of Pat Nix.

4. You've been granted one curse, other than your opponent pick one
team you would like to see lose in week 2.

Georgia.  They will fall from the rankings like a lead pot in the ocean only to reemerge in the national spotlight when they get plastered by ranked opponents on national TV.