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We have a voice! FTRS is Blogpollin!

From The Rumble Seat has been honored with an induction into the 2009 Blogpoll roster! We will be one of 13 ACC blogs who will contribute to the blogpoll which is manned by Brian of MGoBlog and is released over at

One of the greatest things about the blogpoll is that the readers have a choice. Every week we will publish our preliminary rankings and views. You can then slam,insult, curse and convince us to change our rankings. If your argument is solid enough, then we will make the necessary changes and submit our new and final poll to Brian by 10 AM on Wednesday. The final overall poll (which is full of analysis from Brian) will be released every week on

The philosophy of the blogpoll is simple. Click here to read the complete philosophy behind the idea.  Here is the quick summary: 1. Bloggers watch more football than journalists or football coaches 2. Each voter is held accountable and is checked for voting bias (We can't just vote GT #1 simply because we like GT) 3. The blogpoll looks at current results and what the team has done specifically ON THE FIELD. So as we near kickoff be on the lookout to for your chance to have you voice be heard. This should be a lot of fun and we look forward to the discussions and reader interaction.