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The Dead Period

I was sitting around today thinking, "Why does it suck so bad right now? Why is life currently so effin' boring?" Then, I realized it's the HUGE LAYOFF. Here's a look at the breakdown by percentage of days allocated to GT basketball, baseball, and football seasons. And to no surprise "NOTHING" or no actual college sports season was 24% of the year. That's what sucks.


Personally, I'd like to see baseball season deep into Spring/Summer and basketball only in the deep Winter and early Spring. This would kill dead time in late Summer and alleviate basketball programs maligned with eligibility problems (cough cough Hewitt cough cough).

A big time consequence would be the evening of the playing field for Northern baseball teams that can't play baseball in their home stadiums until late March. Home openers in baseball would have more than 40 fans in coveralls and seal skins.

Just a thought I had today about this long stretch of dead time that is probably the worst time of the year for a college sports fan. On the bright side, preseason NFL is nearly here and the Braves are slowly righting their capsized ship after a few years of downright terribleness.

Any thoughts on moving the college baseball and basketball seasons to later in their respective academic years are welcome.