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Beating Georgia: What the season must produce

There are quite a few days when us bloggers get in GTalk and Twitter arguments and discussions. One of the people I talk with the most is F4H from Gobbler Country. In one of our more recent discussions, one of us came up with the question of "What is Georgia Tech's average wins/win percentage in years when U[sic]GA gets beaten?"  So of course I had to find out and here is what came out of it all. What does it take within a season to beat the Bulldogs? The title may seem a little misleading so just to re-iterate, these are the years when we win on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.




The biggest thing that I love from doing this is seeing the average margin of victory against the Mutts. 15 points is not a close game. It's a clear and dominating effort. This also reveals that the phrase "If we win one game, let it be against Georgia" will not happen. When we have good years, we will beat the dogs. When the bad years come, they are bad through and through.

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