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First Play of Years Past in Review

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I'm ready for football and was just looking up first plays of years past. Here's a list since 1999 of our first offensive and defensive plays (excluding 2000 because the play-by-play wasn't on

September 4, 1999 @ Navy - Offense: Philip Rogers 5 yard run...Defense: Cordrea Brittingham 13 yard run.
August 26, 2001 @ Syracuse (East Rutherford) - Offense: Joe Burns 2 yard run...Defense: James Mungro 2 yard run.
August 31, 2002 vs. Vandy - Offense: Tony Hollings 6 yard run...Defense: Jay Cutler 1 yard rush.
August 28, 2003 @ BYU - Offense: PJ Daniels 8 yard run...Defense: Matt Berry 6 yard pass to Rod Wilkerson.
September 4, 2004 vs. Samford - Offense: PJ Daniels 7 yard run...Defense: Ray Nelson 6 yard pass to Omar Buchannon.
September 3, 2005 @ Auburn - Offense: Reggie Ball incomplete pass to Damarius Bilbo...Defense: Tre Smith -3 yard rush.
September 2, 2006 vs. Notre Dame - Defense: Darius Walker 3 yard rush...Offense: Reggie Ball 6 yard pass to Calvin Johnson.
September 1, 2007 @ Notre Dame - Defense: Demetrius Jones 7 yard rush...Offense: Tashard Choice 22 yards rush.
August 28, 2008 vs. Jacksonville State - Defense: Ryan Perilloux 6 yard pass to Maurice Dupree...Offense: Josh Nesbitt incomplete pass to Roddy Jones.

Any thoughts or general excitement about Tech's first play from the LOS?