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Catching up, looking forward, and involving you

It's going to be an exciting time over the next 2 weeks in Atlanta as 105 football players have reported to campus and are ready to hit the practice field in anticipation of the 2009 college football season.  CPJ enters this time with his typical contagious confidence and swagger.  And, just as in the spring, DFJ will be back with his daily practice reports/observations to be posted in the evenings. Click here to check out an example. Also, take advantage of the FanPosts and FanShots during this practice period to discuss what YOU think!

I was off doing something completely unproductive on Friday so there was no time to post this out to the public, but last week, F4H over at Gobbler Country released the ACC Bloggers' preseason ballots.. The bloggers as a whole selected VPI and Florida State to win their respective divisions (it must be cool to make the "safe" picks) with the Hokies taking the conference crown.  Jonathan Dwyer and Jason Worilds(VPI) took their respective POY awards, while it was a cluster of hyped unknowns for Rookie of the Year.  Here is how we voted:

ACC Atlantic:

1. Wake
2. Clemson
3. FSU
5. MD
6. BC
ACC Coastal
1. GT
2. VT
3. UNC
4. UVA
5. Miami
6. Duke
OPOTY: Jon Dwyer (GT)
DPOTY: Quan Sturdivant (UNC)


We followed the formula Bird created a few days ago that discussed the ACC Media and its predictive capabilities. Obviously, we predicted that Georgia Tech wins the conference.

Finally, as I wrap everything up this early morning, I want to explain FanShots and FanPosts a little bit.  We have had a few readers move over to SBNation along with us so there may be some confusion as to what YOU,readers, can do now to make this site YOUR site and to get more involved.


You can use FanPosts to spark conversation about a specific topic that isn't covered on the front page.  We try to cover as much material as we can but there is always some topic that seeps through.  Create the discussion! These should be a little longer than FanShots and should bring up an issue you feel Tech fans would feel worthy of debating.


These are links, quotes, photos and videos you feel should be shared with the community. Use these if you have nothing to add to them and don't feel they're worthy of a full FanPost.

Through the comments, FanPosts and FanShots, From The Rumble Seat should feel more like a community than just a blog. It isn't a message board or a radio call-in show, but it does allow you to join the conversation on Georgia Tech athletics.