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Georgia Tech basketball schedule announced



The 2009-2010 hoops schedule was released yesterday on Here's a look at non-conference schedule:

11-8-09 Indiana U. of Pa. (exhibition)
11-14-09 Florida A&M
11-19-09 Dayton
11-20-09 George Mason/Villanova
11-22-09 BU/Kansas St./Indiana/Ole Miss
11-27-09 Mercer
12-2-09 Siena
12-5-09 S. Cal
12-14-09 UT-Chattanooga
12-16-09 Ark-Pine Bluff
12-22-09 Kennesaw St.
12-29-09 Winston-Salem St.
1-2-10 UNC-Charlotte
1-5-10 uga
1-30-09 Kentucky St.

Pair that OOC schedule with 4 games against Duke/UNC and 11 other ACC games and that makes for a fun 2009-2010 season. We've got at least seven games already slated for ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNU. That's not too bad for us out-o'-towners.

According to the ajc, this schedule has 13 teams that made the tournament. Personally, I've never worried about CPH's scheduling habits. He always gives us hearty competition mixed in with the tough ACC games. I'm glad we're gonna see Mercer at home this year. They deserve a pounding. We're also playing Kennesaw State for the first time as a regulation game. Group those two with NEEDED victory at the Stegosaurus and we're talking about a bouquet of instate domination.

I know it's football season but... does anyone have any thoughts on the schedule release?