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White Out!


After last year's great (student) success of a White Out game against Miami, Georgia Tech SGA and the Ramblin' Reck Club have teamed up together along with various other sponsors to create a White Out event for 2009. As many of you know, the White Out game this year will be against Clemson, so you no longer have an excuse as to why you aren't participating. Plans for the 2009 White-Out Game against Clemson are taking form and it's time for YOU to help out and participate! Here are some very easy rules and guidelines to follow.

1. Don't be a YETMAN and wear your white. Actually, order the OFFICIAL White-Out T Shirt! Sizes range from small all the way to XXXL so you should be able to find your size. Click here to be taken to the official White Out website. Your order must be made by AUGUST 28!

2. If you are a student, well you are in luck my friends. You will get your T Shirt for free if you show up at Peter's Parking Deck on September 10th in Callaway Plaza sometime between 11AM and 3PM. Simply show your buzzcard!