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Tuesday Link Blitz

Here are some of the stories that we've found interesting over the past few days both from Georgia Tech and around the college football blogosphere.

Georgia Tech

Order your White-Out T Shirt here! The design has been set and approved so now is your chance to not be a Yetman and join in on the fun.

The Dwyer for Heisman campaign has taken its advances beyond just word of mouth. There is now a website up dubbed the "Dwyer Brigade". Check it out and support the D-Train.

Coley Harvey has been taking a look at every game this Fall and finally arrives at one of the biggest games of the year in Tallahassee. He predicts a loss at the hands of the Seminoles. Though he does predict a super-senior 5 year sweep over the Hurricanes.

From Old Virginia did a pretty good job in writing up a preview of the Yellow Jackets.


Block-C: Prepare yourself for the proper all-out tailgate. Never sell yourself short on your cooler.. If you hated statistical analysis and got lost inside the numbers, this post is for you.

Double-Extra Point: Why Lou Holtz isn't THAT crazy in smothering love over Notre Dame.

Dr. Saturday: USC vs. Ohio State in 3-D? YES!

Gobbler Country: 1) Why VPI MUST beat Alabama and 2) Pictures of Adrian Peterson duck hunting. See, now you're curious.