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Winfield calls BS - The case for VPI over USC

Yesterday's post generated a lot of discussion, and Winfield continued it last night. Basically, he thinks that having VPI ranked above USC at this point is just wrong.

I don't want to pretend like I have all the facts or the answers, but I'll tell you how I see it. USC and VT both play in conferences that, at least talent wise, are as good as any in the country. Their conference schedules aren't insanely difficult but definitely have some tough games (USC: Oregon, Cal - VT: Georgia Tech, UNC)and their OOC schedules are at least challenging at some point (USC: Ohio State, VT: Alabama).

Both teams have run into some lineup issues. USC has its starting QB, Aaron Corp, out, and recently losts its monster offensive lineman Kristopher O'Dowd. VPI lost Darren Evans. Ouch.

I want this to be a real discussion, so I won't try to taint it with my opinion too much. I've laid out a few facts, so feel free to add in your own. Besides, I've already put VPI above USC. Tell me why I'm wrong, and why Winfield is right.

Do you think the Hokies deserve to be ranked over the Trojans?

(P.S. Let's not forget that Winfield omitted California from his Top 25 ballot. Ad hominem/red herring I know, but feel free to comment on it as well.)