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Conference Headquarters Scrutinized


I started looking at conference headquarters this morning. Sometimes, the higher powers like to locate things to give advantages to specific teams. I made a little table based on all of the BCS teams DD coordinates. The average of the DD coordinates generated an actual conference geographic center. For example, the ACC is located 50 miles outside of Greensboro in Robbins, NC while the Big 10 is located in a large drainage ditch in Pulaski County, Indiana. The geographic center creates a statistically fair location for all conference affiliates (does not factor in road travel time).


The table also includes next to each conference-related city the distance to the actual geographic center. I thought it was interesting. Essentially, the ACC will always be safe to put events in the State of North Carolina. The only really sad fact is the Big East's total disregard for Southern teams in their conference by placing the HQ up in Providence rather than closer to West Virginia but then again this does not account for the multitude of I-AA and I-AAA teams in the Big East.


The above table is the actual data if you care to peruse the locations of every BCS team. Personally, I don't mind the conference championship games or conference tournaments being in major metro areas within the conference's confines but the headquarters should be at least centralized for all teams since it's a fixture and the physical symbol of the given conference's legitimacy.