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Updates on Tech players in the pros


$. Tashard Choice accepts role in Dallas Cowboys offense.
$. Mike Cox named starter in Kansas City Chiefs backfield under old GT HC Chan Gailey, the Chiefs' current OC.
$. Calvin Johnson can be hurt (sprained thumb).
$. J.P. Foschi was waived by the Raiders to make room for additional CB's but was picked up by the Bengals.
$. Reggie Ball is still on the Lions roster.
$. Will Heller, like Ball and Johnson, is playing for the Lions.
$. Andrew Economos is still long-snapping for the Bucs and Mike Matthews is still playing TE for the Giants.
$. Bengals look to rookie Michael Johnson to improve pass rush.
$. Vance Walker and Falcons Center Todd McLure got into a fight that had to be separated by teammates. James Butler got into it with fellow Rams teammates as well.
$. Phil Wheeler is fighting for the starting OLB at Indy.
$. Daryl Smith looks to be a starter for the Jags after departure of Mike Peterson.
$. Dawan Landry is making noise at Ravens camp after being injured and missing most of 2008.


#. Suffering Baltimore fans see glimmer of hope in Matt Wieters.
#. All fights start and end with Jason Varitek.
#. Nomar may be released by next Monday.
#. Rolling Yankees give Mark Teixeira break by putting him at DH.


%. Stewart Cink is $14,050 richer (before taxes) after tying for 67th in the 2009 PGA Championship. Kuchar did not make any cash. Note that Phil finished right below Cink.


&. Stephon Marbury smokes weed! Is that really news worthy or am I just completely numb to Starbury's random acts of stupidity now?