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Jaybo hurt Saturday in scrimmage

Jaybo Shaw broke his collarbone on Saturday morning. CPJ says he could miss 6-8 weeks. This a legitimate setback to the GT backfield, in my opinion. Tevin Washington, Jordan Luallen, and David Sims are our next options but collectively have never taken a snap in a NCAA football game. Not good.

I think most Tech fans saw Jaybo as our best backup since the Hamilton:Godsey era. And without the safety net, I feel a little shaky about games mid-season when injuries start to accrue.

Also, my little bro went to the Loganville High School - South Gwinnett High School scrimmage this past weekend (I graduated from Loganville back in '03). #72 is Tech's first ever Loganville High School player, Morgan Bailey. My little brother's scouting report, "He's built like a brick shit house. Doesn't let anyone by. Will definitely start for Tech in a couple years at guard or tackle." Also, on Loganville's team is LSU recruit Storm Johnson.