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Vick signed by Eagles

I know it's not college football or very relevant to GT but I think being an Atlanta native gives me the right to talk about Michael Vick and his recent signing with the Eagles. Personally, the Vick case is interesting because it transcends the football field.

This morning, Mike/Mike were obviously talking about the Vick situation and a Peter Gammons call-in was TOTALLY overshadowed by the Vick story. The end of the baseball regular season and upcoming playoffs are less important to the media than Michael Vick's signing. Crazy how big of a story this whole Vick situation has become.

My carpool and myself discussed an interesting topic though. Why is there this need to appease PETA? Isn't that like trying to appease Green Peace or Al Qaeda or the Irish Republic Army? Appeasement is the complete eradication of all other trains of thought, right? Appeasing PETA would be destroying every piece of fried chicken in America and living off of wheat grass 'til the end of time. No thanks. So PETA receiving such a major platform in this situation has been kinda ridiculous but then again vocal minorities typically get way-too-big platforms in issues all the time.

My opinion is kinda summed up by Donovan McNabb in his recent interview. Vick's served his time. He's lost a lot of money and two years of his young life. I don't think he'll even think about hurting a dog ever again and if anything his contributions to society will be that much greater now than they ever were before. Let the guy play so he can pay his debts financially and socially:

Donovan McNabb Interview About Michael Vick (via tbennett78)

And finally, to tie Vick into some remote relation to GT. He played against ACC teams 4 times in his career at VT. UVA twice in their annual showdown and Clemson twice in the 1999 regular season and 2000 Gator Bowl. VT smoked UVA and Clemson in all four games.