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FTRS Roundtable: September's Schedule

Holy Crap! The prodigal son of From The Rumble Seat has returned! If you though Dane died, no don't worry, he only came very near death. But he is back so look for him to carry his weight around here a little more.

With the season quickly approaching, Dane, Bird and I will be looking at the football schedule month-by-month and giving our quick initial thoughts on each game.




September 5th: vs. Jacksonville State

Highlights: Cupcake game

Winfield: What scares me most about Jax. State is me messing up my first ride out with the Ramblin’ Reck.  Nah, just kidding. It’s actually someone getting hurt and throwing our tempo off the railroad tracks. I expect this game to be quick, easy and dirty so I can (hopefully) find a ticket to the Dome for VPI vs. Alabama, and a weekend of complete football and blogging debauchery thanks to the guys who write for Gobbler Country, College Game Balls, and Beer Control Offense.

Dane: TRAP GAME!!! Not really. This game is going to remind us why we like watching the spread option offense (who doesn't love watching Dwyer bust through the line and take it to the house?), and will also remind us why Morgan Burnett is amazing after he gets two picks. I'm calling it.

Bird:  You can't really mention Jax State without mentioning Ryan Perrilloux.  And of course the guy managed to get suspended for the GT and FSU games... Way to be a team leader, Ryan.  My worries are similar to Winfield's in that I don't want any key players injured in a jobber game but you don't play football for fear of possibly getting injured.  You play to injure other people...

September 10th: vs. Clemson

Highlights: CJ Spiller vs. Jonathan Dwyer. National TV coverage on ESPN, ERIN ANDREWS!

Winfield: Dabo is back in the spotlight as it becomes his first main game of the season. Will the Atlanta crowd and atmosphere bring him down? I say no, but the Jackets are gonna be too powerful for the Tigers. Thanks to Orson on EDSBS Live for mentioning the possibility of the "Whitest QB name matchup" with Jaybo Shaw vs. Willy Korn. Plus, we are badass on Thursday nights at home.

Dane: I'm not expecting a replay of last year's Miami game here, but I am not expecting too much difficulty. The guys at Block C seem pretty sure that this is Clemson's yearly embarrassment waiting to happen. The most fun part of this game? Laughing at Clemson fans after the game as they realize who the best running back in the league is.
Bird: Trap game? I don't think so. I think Clemson's loss of Cullen Harper is going to kill them in Dabo's first full season.  Willie Korn/freshman QB are not gonna do much at Tech on a loud Thursday night.  This game shouldn't be close even though history tells us otherwise.

September 17: @ Miami

Highlights: Back-to-Back Thursday night games on ESPN, ERIN ANDREWS, Roadtrip Glory

Winfield: The Yellow Jackets have beaten Miami four years in a row. Who would have thought that any team would be able to say that about the Hurricanes? Miami has athletes and with the combination of back-to-back Thursday night games, things seem to point to the likely possibility that it’s Miami’s turn to take this game.

Dane: Ugh, nervous. I don't like this game at all. In the greatest addition by subtraction in football since Vick left the Falcons, Pat Nix will no longer be handing our defense the game. Yes, everything about this Miami team is inexperienced, but Harris and the rest are going to step up sometime, and I'm worried this will be it.

Bird: I think Miami is our first possible loss but honestly their defensive coordinator was not prepared for us last year and I don't think they'll be prepared this year either.  They're focused so much on the FSU opener that GT's triple option is probably getting very little PT in summer practices.  Chalk up another W for the Yellow Jackets.

September 26: vs. UNC

Highlights: The Jackets seek revenge against the Tarheels from one of the more sloppy games of 2008.

Winfield: Last year, this game was one of our sloppiest. And since his arrival in Chapel Hill in 2007, Butch Davis has been a prickly thorn in our side. This game makes me nervous because the Tarheels are a team that I just straight up have no idea what to expect from them. However, I think the Jackets take this one partially due to our home field and CPJ won't let us lose to them again.

Dane: CPJ is going to snap Davis's proverbial wiener off like a panda breaking bamboo. When it comes down to it, most of the Tarheel's opponents outplayed them last year, but managed to blow it by playing like a bunch of dumbasses. The Heels stop getting away with football robbery and we don't hand them the game. This match is going to be the most obvious domination of all of our ACC games... well, except for Duke.

Bird: This is our toughest game in September by far.  Best QB in the first four games.  Best defense. Best opposing coaching staff.  We know because we saw it last year.  If this is a noon game and the Dodd is not rockin', then I think we lose.

September Thoughts:

Winfield: A great possibility for the Jackets to sweep through September but we will probably end up 3-1. For some reason, Miami makes me nervous. Am I scared of simply the name "Miami"?4-0 is a possibility but 3-1 looks looming. Hurry up CFB! Get here!

Dane: I'm scared to lose to Miami, but that's probably because I want to win that game more than any other one on our schedule (except, of course, for uga). We have beaten Miami every year I've been a Jackets fan, so I want want want it. I don't buy into the UNC business - while I know stats aren't everything, they got away with some very fortunate wins last year (without the stats to back it up). I'll be upset at 3-1 but furious at 2-2. 4-0 is to be expected.

Bird: I see Tech being 4-0 and I see Tech being 2-2.  The key will be motivating our players in front of complacent crowds.  We got up for big games in rowdy stadiums but we came out flat against teams when there wasn't a real external motivator.  We'll see.  I think a lot of my doubts will be answered when I see GT line up against Clemson on September 10th - the real home opener.

Think we're crazy? Post it in the comments!