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Monday Morning Coffee: Recapping the Weekend

...I drink my coffee straight black how 'bout you?

  •  There was much to do over the weekend and it was highlighted by the Great Yellow Jacket Encounter AKA Fan Photo Day. How was everyone's experience with the event? I saw a few of the usual complaints while perusing the message boards, but to me it seemed like this year was the best it has been in quite a while.  Speaking of Fan Photo Day, take advantage of the FanShots section of the site and post your favorite pictures from Saturday! Remember, this is your site as well. Take full advantage of the opportunity!
  • A while back I posted a link to a presentation from Coach Dave Wommack's days at Southern Mississippi where readers could learn more about his defensive philosophy as well as what and how exactly the "wolf" linebacker position works within his scheme.  However, I don't think one sentence that said "read this cool link" gave the reading its due.  The document is from 2001 from when Wommack and his defensive coaches attended a AFCA conference and they explained their defensive setups and basic strategies. The wolf is mentioned quite a few times in this presentation and there are some fairly detailed diagrams illustrating how the the player sets up for different plays. It's a very good and understandable read.  Click here to learn about the roving linebacker position AKA "The Wolf".
  • Fall Practice: As you see below this entry, DFJ is back in Atlanta from Memphis and he is ready and roaring to give you the practice reports that everyone desires. 
  • Finally, I mentioned in a previous post that the first person who sent us a picture of Nikki Meyer on campus would get a Chicken Finger basket from Junior's Grill courtesy of FromTheRumbleSeat. Well, the competition is now over becauuuse..........(drumroll) 



Nikki Meyer is officially on campus!!!! Put those rumors to rest, FTRS has confirmed her presence. Thanks to all of you who didn't play.


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