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Football Bowl Subdivision Revenue per School

HT @ Double Extra Pointt for finding this by way of the Orlando Sentinel.


Rank School Total Revenue Conference
1st Texas $120,288,370 Big 12
2nd Ohio State $117,953,712 Big Ten
3rd Florida $106,030,895 Southeastern Conference
4th Michigan $99,027,105 Big Ten
5th Wisconsin $93,452,334 Big Ten
6th Penn State $91,570,233 Big Ten
7th Auburn $89,305,326 Southeastern Conference
8th Alabama $88,869,810 Southeastern Conference
9th Tennessee $88,719,798 Southeastern Conference
10th Oklahoma State $88,554,438 Big 12
11th Kansas $86,009,257 Big 12
12th Louisiana State $84,183,362 Southeastern Conference
13th Georgia $84,020,180 Southeastern Conference
14th Notre Dame $83,352,439 Independent
15th Iowa $81,148,310 Big Ten
16th Michigan State $77,738,746 Big Ten
17th Oklahoma $77,098,009 Big 12
18th Stanford $76,661,466 Pac-10
19th University of Southern California $76,409,919 Pac-10
20th Nebraska $75,492,884 Big 12
21st Texas A&M $74,781,640 Big 12
22nd Kentucky $71,186,184 Southeastern Conference
23rd Duke $67,820,335 ACC
24th South Carolina $66,545,953 Southeastern Conference
25th UCLA $66,088,264 Pac-10
26th Virginia $65,400,485 ACC
27th Arkansas $64,197,470 Southeastern Conference
28th California $63,884,710 Pac-10
29th Minnesota $63,782,454 Big Ten
30th Purdue $62,093,614 Big Ten
31st North Carolina--Chapel Hill $61,263,269 ACC
32nd Boston College $61,203,340 ACC
33rd Washington $60,729,016 Pac-10
34th Clemson $59,126,212 ACC
35th Illinois $57,167,843 Big Ten
36th Oregon $56,623,902 Pac-10
37th Virginia Tech $56,029,172 ACC
38th Indiana $54,839,398 Big Ten
39th Connecticut $54,721,742 Big East
40th West Virginia $54,262,716 Big East
41st Maryland $54,171,741 ACC
42nd Arizona State $53,479,441 Pac-10
43rd Colorado $52,631,896 Big 12
44th Louisville $52,203,604 Big East
45th Rutgers $50,181,300 Big East
46th Missouri $49,113,786 Big 12
47th Kansas State $48,160,113 Big 12
48th Oregon State $47,185,827 Pac-10
49th Georgia Tech $47,126,247 ACC
50th Arizona $46,988,400 Pac-10



It's interesting to note how much money the Duke Athletic Department brings in (and promptly puts right back into their basketball program).  There were 4 ACC schools below Georgia Tech in these rankings: Miami, Florida State (woah!) , NCSU, and Wake Forest. This is what happens when you have rich and snobby boosters. Also, the highest non-BCS school is TCU at #57 ($43,439,777)

Engineers are very stingy about their money.  They all want to make sure they get the highest quality product for their money (it's been ingrained in us for 4-6 years to maximize efficiency).  These are just a few quick thoughts I had while looking at this list. Can anybody pick up on other things with this list? Texas is rolling in cash!