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Vince Dooley says: FABULOUS!


Vince Dooley gives you the lowdown on this season's hottest fashions!

DAZZLIN' VINCE DOOLEY HERE! Today we are going to talk FASHION, people! And you can't talk fashion without mentioning the new star of the show in Athens, Joe Cox! And boy, let me tell you, Joe is redefining the definition of sexy.

Note the closely shorn red hair that screams "yes, I will fly my Confederate flag out of the back of my pickup truck." Look out fashion world, Dixie Outfitters shirts are going to be chic again with this kind of  fashion-deciding confidence. He will be dropping n-bombs, canning freshmen and spitting diamond-laced tobacco like a true dandy from the Dirty South.

The faux-pas makeup handbag is definitely hot... as a young quarterback, Joe knows that 4th quarter frenzies can cause serious disaster! He's ready though, and keeping up the corpse-like purplish sheen of a recently frozen body has never been easier.

Not wanting to say goodbye to the metro look yet, Joe has specifically kept his shoulders sloped and dainty. The only thing that says "I'm a BULLDOG" more than feminine shoulders is a striped red neckerchief (which Joe is currently not wearing... he knows when to dress for work and when to dress for play *wink*).

Taking the no accessory look to the extreme... LET'S TALK PANTS PEOPLE! Joe wants to let you know that Little Joe is ALWAYS up for a game (and now with Matt finally gone, he can play the big spoon!). Joe says, "I'm gonna live in the moment, so get me at the bottom of that dog pile! You'll never see ME let go of a ball!"

We know this year is gonna be a SPLASH for Joe... when you look this good, how could it not?