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Welcome to "From The Rumble Seat"!

Hello everyone, and welcome to From the Rumble Seat, a Georgia Tech sports blog.  Formerly known as TheLegacyx4, we have since evolved from 1 writer to 3 passionate Georgia Tech fans who come from various backgrounds.

To our old readers: Don't worry, the only things that have changed is the web site name.  You will still get your Erin Andrews shout outs, your Girls of [opponent name] every Friday and you will get your random statistical analyses.  However, there are some new things in store for you. Instead of simply commenting on the site, this is now YOUR community! Head on over to the FanShots and FanPosts pages of this site and generate arguments, analysis and discussion.  Make this site your site as well!

To our new readers: Welcome to the newest SB Nation site and thanks for checking us out. There are three of us who contribute to this blog and we all bring something a little different to the table.  This blog is made up of a combination of current Georgia Tech students and alumni that share passion for Georgia Tech athletics, traditions and history. Here's a quick introduction to the three of us:

Bird is a Tech alumnus and a former Ramblin' Reck Driver.  He graduated with a BS in Polymer and Fiber Engineering in 2007 and currently lives in South Carolina.

Dane is a Tech student and a Georgia Tech convert.  Yes, he once was a U[sic]GA fan.  But we all sin and he has since brought his entire family around into becoming Georgia Tech fans and season ticket holders.  He is influential in the maintenance and upkeep of the Ramblin' Reck.

I, myself am a current Georgia Tech student about to graduate.  I am a 4th-generation Georgia Tech student and never thought twice about where I would go to college.  I have recently been honored with the responsibility of driving the one and only Ramblin' Reck for the 2009 year.  You can follow my travels in the Model A on twitter by clicking here.

If you ever feel like contacting us for a question, remark, or you are looking for an improvement, you can email the blog at  We look forward to hearing from you!