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Dane's opinions, otherwise known as 'facts'

Ndamukong Suh deserves the Heisman.
Derrick Morgan is one of the finest linemen I've ever seen play. He is outstanding, and is a legit NFL player still in the college game. I watched him strafe the field and hawk down the much smaller Kyle Parker like it was nothing. Therefore, you understand how good Suh is when I say that he is head, shoulders, hips and knees above every other defensive lineman in the nation. McCoy will undoubtedly get it, but nobody has contributed to their team as a whole this year as much as Ndamukong Suh has.


BeBe is very nearly as exciting to watch as Calvin used to be.



Check the video at about :30. I'm the last person on the left at the end, in the blue pants and gold fleece signaling a touchdown. Sure, BeBe isn't going to do any spinning catches or anything like that, but the way he manhandles opposing secondaries is just outstanding. His touchdown in the ACCCG was the most exciting play I think I've ever seen.


We are going to cornhole Iowa. Just puttin' that out there. I have a feeling that after the Peach Bowl debacle at the end of last season, Paul Johnson has been simmering in very constructive frustration and is going to nutpunch the entire Iowa defense for 60 minutes. It will be like watching stock animals being slaughtered. Sorry, Iowa.


The best thing about going to Miami again? NO MIAMI FANS. Those people make georgia fans look like cotillion guests. Seriously, walking into and out of that awful stadium in September was like taking a stroll through a prison yard.


I really like Dabo Swinney. He waved to us and the Reck before the ACC Awards Banquet from about 20 yards away. CPJ, whose van pulled up right in front of us, walked immediately past us, mostly ignoring us except for an inaudible hello. Oddly enough, this makes me love Paul Johnson even more. He is a man's man.


TAMPA SUCKS. Maybe I need to give it another shot when the weather is better and we are not packed into a watermelon truck while towing a priceless item, but my God that city was awful. Let's hear it for Charlotte!