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Iowa Word Association with WoFo and DoKo

It is believed that we can reveal a part of the subconscious by playing a simple game of word association. We can peel back the layers of emotional onion that cover our psyche and reveal a great deal about ourselves. I sent a list of Iowan phrases (mostly people) to Dane and Winfield in order to find out what they really think about Iowa at a subconscious level. Here are the phrases, Winfield's answers in italics, and Dane's answers underlined:

1. Corn -- Field of Dreams -- Boring Drives
2. Robert Gallery -- Lots of hair -- P***y
3. Seneca Wallace -- Seahawks -- Indian
4. Drew Tate -- Who? -- Taint
5. Bob Stoops -- Oklahoma -- LOLklahoma
6. Hawkeye -- WTF? -- Avengers
7. Johnny Carson -- Tonight Show -- Karnak
8. John Wayne -- "Hello Pilgrim" -- Poop
9. Buffalo Bill Cody -- Funny mustache -- Child trader
10. Des Moines -- Boring -- Eddie Bauer
11. Elijah Wood -- Hobbit -- Midget
12. Shawn Johnson -- Jail bait -- CHAMPION
13. Herbert Hoover -- Great Depression -- Failure

I hope you all picked up a strong sports background for Winfield. He obviously grew up out there and has a little respect for the Midwest. Dane has a distaste for the Midwest only matched by his ability to devour ears of corn by the tonne. Give us your thoughts.