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Top 10 Georgia Tech Headlines and Moments in the 2000's

 Over the final days of 2009, we are looking at the top moments and headlines of Georgia Tech athletics. Today, we look at the middle moments: 6,5,4, and 3. Part 1 can be read here.

6. Breaking the bad streaks at home

Two times in 2 years, Georgia Tech broke a streak that hadn't been done in years on Grant Field: beat Florida State and beat a Top-5 team. While the Florida State game should be a "ho-hum" game, Josh Nesbitt's injury turned it into drama and a finish that we'll never forget. First time we've beaten Florida State since 1975.

The VPI game in 2009 meant more to the program in the long run. No longer did we roll over and die when we had to prove that we could hold with the elite. First Top-5 team to be defeated on Grant Field since 1961.


5. Tennis National Championships

 2007 marked Georgia Tech's first NCAA championship and it came in the form of women's team tennis. Thanks to the combined effort of Kristi Miller, Amanda McDowell, et al the Yellow Jackets put away UCLA in Athens, GA.


2007 was only the beginning of success for women's tennis at the Institute as 2008 resulted in Amanda McDowell as the NCAA Individual champion.


Bryan Shelton has something good cookin' over at the Bill Moore Tennis Center. We all suggest you check it out sometime.

4. Starting Miami's Demise

We all watched "The U", the ESPN documentary that highlighted just how absolutely ridiculous that program was in the 1980's and early 1990's. 2005 solidified the program's demise and because of that loss, Miami has always tried to get back to national prominence but just can't seem to do it. 

I remember that game rather well. We were all watching the game in my dorm room when the fire alarm went off and we were forced to turn the TV to my window, raise the blinds and watch the game through my window for the entire 3rd quarter. After the win and campus celebrating, we then met the team at Bobby Dodd Stadium and I carried PJ Daniels' bag. I was very proud!

3. Paul Johnson comes to Georgia Tech

I still own the newspaper of the AJC that highlighted a new era in Georgia Tech football. Paul Johnson came to Georgia Tech with an attitude that we desperately needed. An attitude that will change our slight inferiority complex, an attitude that doesn't just wish for success but EXPECTS it. "Paul Johnson's an asshole" but he's our asshole, the antithesis of Reverend Richt and we love him for it.