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Top 10 Georgia Tech Headlines of the 2000's

Over the next three days, we'll be looking at the Top 10 Headlines in Georgia Tech athletics. All stories were ranked and discussed by Bird, Dane, Ted and myself. Today we look at stories 10,9, 8, and 7.

10. Georgia Tech softball hosts regional for first time in school history

The 2009 year was a special one for the women's athletic department and it was highlighted by the softball team. The inaugural season of Shirley Clements Mewborn Field proved to be quite a productive one as Georgia Tech swept through the NCAA Regionals.  History was made in May as the Yellow Jackets hosted the Washington Huskies for their first ever Super Regionals appearance.  The Jackets came up short unfortunately as Washington pitcher Danielle Lawrie flexed her muscles and proved that all her accolades were warranted.  Nevertheless, we were proud of our Jackets and welcomed the exposure to the program. And, as a general FYI, Mewborn Field has since been named the "Best Small Project of 2009" by Southeast Construction Magazine

More top headlines after The Jump!

9.The 2002 and 2006 baseball seasons

2002 and 2006 were excellent seasons for the Georgia Tech baseball programs.  In 2002, the Jackets posted a 52-16 record and ran through the NCAA Regionals only to get stopped by South Carolina in Omaha.  The 2006 team was highly lauded unit that went 50-18 overall. Matt Wieters was a magical sophomore who carried a big stick and catcher's mitt. He was a competent closer as well. Even though the elimination game against Cal-State Fullerton was one of the more heartbreaking games I have seen, I will remember Omaha and Georgia Tech. The appearances solidified Danny Hall as a "We are more than a football or a basketball school" and the national exposure to our other programs can only help athletics.

8. "The Catch" parts 1 and 2

Many of you probably remember Calvin Johnson in 2004 more vividly. However, there were TWO amazing, late-and-great catches made to beat Clemson in the 2000's.

"The [first] Catch"-George Godsey to Kerry Watkins with merely seconds left:


Let's hope this play doesn't get lost in the shuffle. And now, one of Calvin Johnson's earliest catches but clearly one of his most memorable. "The [second] Catch" - Reggie Ball to Calvin Johnson. SON OF A GUN!

Yes, the legend was indeed born.

7. 45-42 AKA "Georgia Tech keeps Bobby Dodd's win streak alive"

The game was a big deal no doubt and when you add in how we won it is just even more ridiculous. But think about what that game means for the entire rivalry. It keeps Bobby Dodd, the greatest football coach in Georgia Tech history, on top.


Come on back over tomorrow to find the next top 4 headlines in the 00's.