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FTRS ACC Bowl Games

UNC-Pitt: Ted was the only person who picked Pitt and got the win. Pitt was held to its 3rd worst rushing production of the season (due to sacks). Freshman star Dion Lewis piled up 159 yards against the Tarheels and really never stopped churning his dual tree stumps. No other back put up as many yards against the '09 Heels as Lewis. However, Jonathan Dwyer did put up 158 yards on 9 fewer carries.

BC-USC: I really wanted to see BC win. USC is at program low point. BC was at a relative program low point. The BC defense did all they could to win the game. They just needed a little more efficiency from the 25 year old freshman, David Shinskie.

Clemson-UK: This was actually a good game (if you cared to stay up until 12:00 AM EST to watch the whole damn game). I think a regular season meeting would have resulted in Clemson blowing out the Wildcats. The lack of motivation and pep was definitely evident in the first half. What kept Clemson alive, to me, was a noticeable talent disparity. Clemson looked faster and stronger while UK was flat out better prepared. Rich Brooks put his players in a position to win. Luckily for Dabo, talent and big plays won out for Clemson. I will give some credit to Dabo for his second half adjustments. Once Clemson found some run-pass balance, they knocked UK out in the second half.

Currently, our ACC Bowl Prediction golf scores are as follows: Ted -3, Winfield -1, Bird +1, and Dane +3. Dane didn't pick so he's got a big mountain to climb. Ted should win out no matter what now as we all picked ACC teams to win the last 3 non-GT ACC bowls. Oh well.