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Today is the BIG DAY!!

That's right!  The mutts are proudly representing the Southeastern Conference in Shreveport, LA in the Independence Bowl against Texas A&M.  I'm not going to preview this game or anything like that.  Obviously, I'm picking A&M to win.

But I feel I haven't let out any hatred towards U(sic)GA in quite awhile (and I really haven't ever done it on this blog since I've been here less than a month), so I'm going to take this opportunity to do that.  Let's recap some of U(sic)GAs recent highlights, in no particular order.

1.  They're playing in the INDEPENDENCE BOWL.  Basically, if you want to make an equation out of it, Shreveport, LA = sh*thole.  WTF do the players do in freaking Shreveport during the days leading up to the bowl game?  Even Georgie players are going to have a hard time getting into trouble there.  I don't give a sh*t that they beat us anymore, they're playing in Shreveport in the Independence Bowl.  The joke's on them.

2.  Their stupid, fat, ugly, inbred, good-for-nothing dog mascot died, after only a year and a half on the job.  Hey, did you know the Reck hasn't missed a home game since 1961?  F**K YOU UGA VI and all of your inbred siblings/parents/cousins.

3.  They allowed 41 points to a Steve Adazio coached Florida offense.  HA! 

4.  They're playing in the INDEPENDENCE BOWL in SHREVEPORT, LA.

5.  They couldn't convince Bud Foster to come coach their sh*tty defense, even after offering him a half million.  Bud, it was the right move because no one wants to work for a coach that looks like Helen Hunt

6.  Their quarterback, the Ginger Ninja, sucks worse than T.J. Yates.  That's a really tough thing to achieve Joe.  Maybe he should have spooned with his backup, then he could be a first round pick.   Furthermore, Joe Cox is a ginger who doesn't have a soul.

7.  They're playing in the INDEPENDENCE BOWL in SHREVEPORT, LA.

I raise the most giant of middle fingers to Georgie's players, coaches, and "fans", please join me in doing so.



Have fun in Shreveport!!!  Go Aggies.