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ACC Bowl Predictions FTRS Style

December 26th - Meineke Car Care Bowl - UNC vs. Pitt
Bird: I'm going with a low scoring affair similar to UNC-UConn with UNC edging out Pitt. Pitt hasn't faced a defense like UNC and UNC should be fired up to play in front of a fairly partisan Charlotte crowd.
Winfield: Pitt goes 0-2 against hyped ACC teams who didn't live up to their potential.
Ted: The outcome of this game will be determined by who can get sacked the least.  If you got to see Pitt absolutely destroy Tony Pike you know what I'm talking about.  But despite being the better overall team, Pitt will allow UNC to stay close because, well, Dave Wannstedt will find a way for his team to mess up.  I'm going with Pitt however because TJ Yates is the worst QB in Division I football except for the Ginger Ninja himself.

December 26th - Emerald Bowl - BC vs. Southern Cal
Bird: Atlantic Division Power meets Pacific Giant. I'm gonna go with USC just because they're playing in their own back yard and they're a little bit more talent than BC. Not a lot but a little.
Winfield: I pick USC because I am still under the spell of the "legendary name" curse. USC wins the game in the 2nd half.
Ted:think that Malibu Pete has his team ready to go and they take BC out to the woodshed.  BC is going to be over matched at virtually every position in this game.  Although they cheat, USC has a ton of great athletes who's pride has been severely shaken this season... In fact, Taylor Mays might actually kill someone, but that's just my prediction.

December 27th - Music City Bowl - Clemson vs. UK
Bird: This is probably Dabo's biggest test to date. Can he motivate a totally down Clemson Tigers squad to beat a shotty SEC bottom feeder? If he can't beat UK, then Rich Brooks' garbage vote of GT is justified. Do it for the ACC, Dabo. Do it for Tommy. Do it for yourself. I pick UK.
Winfield: If CJ Spiller can find the energy to go out and try to win for Clemson one more time, Clemson wins.  Screw you Rich Brooks! Nashville is an awesome city and I really wish the Orange Bowl was in Nashville.
Ted:  I say that Spiller and Co. come out and just lay a whoopin on Kentucky.  I hope this happens too because I hate Kentucky.  Also a note to Clemson fans... GO OUT IN NASHVILLE!  The fact that Clemson fans get to go to Nashville and party is the silver lining of the loss to us in the ACCCG.

December 29th - Champs Sports Bowl - Miami vs. Wisconsin
Bird: Miami needs to win. It'll be a fitting preview for the Iowa-GT game on January 5th. Miami is about a four hour drive from home. Plus, there are a bunch of Miami fans in Orlando. Should be a well attended game. Miami wins.
Winfield: DA U! Plus I have no respect for the Big Ten. The Big Ten SUXORZ!
Ted: Easy pick here... Jacory Harris and his SWAG over Wisconsin.  What else do I have to say here?

December 31st - Peach Bowl - VT vs. Tennessee
Bird: VT has an offense and a defense. I don't really know what Tennessee has. VT wins handily.
Winfield: Does VPI go 0-fer-Atlanta? I sure hope not. ACC, don't fail me now! I still think Tennessee is overrated. VPI wins.
Ted: I think Virginia Tech will be able to avenge our loss to the SEC last year.  Both teams have very good defenses and fairly inept offenses.  But I always trust Jonathan Crompton to suck so I'm pretty confident VT and Ryan Williams will take care of business.

January 1st - Gator Bowl - FSU vs. WVU
Bird: Probably the most underrated ACC bowl game. I think FSU's gonna come out high flying and playing like their hair's on fire. I don't think Alabama, UF, and Texas combined could beat an FSU team playing in Bobby Bowden's last game. FSU by a mile.
Winfield: I picked WVU in this one because FSU is weak. Though it wouldn't not surprise me at all if the Mountainneers get completely blasted in this game.
Ted: In the made for TV match up of the year I think that this will be closer than most think, but I'm still going with FSU.  There's no way FSU can let Bobby go out with a loss... it just won't happen.  And even though they're defense is worse than ours, FSU's offense can score especially against a sh**ty Big East team (at least I hope so).