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ACC Championship Links

Championship weekend is quickly approaching. When does everyone leave and where you staying? We leave Thursday afternoon.

Before we hit the links, here's one of my now favorite quotes of all time, courtesy of Paul Johnson himself:

"Get a thick skin. [If a georie fan is] giving you a hard time and you get tired of it, punch him in the face."


Watch out you fools. You mess with me, you mess with the lumberjack!


Sent on the road, Leavitt takes shots at ACC
For the second year in a row, USF coach Jim Leavitt will finish the Big East season on the road in sub-40-degree temperatures, knowing that Raymond James Stadium is unavailable because the ACC Championship Game is being played there.

A game-changer: Clemson understands challenge Morgan presents at end - Georgia Tech -
How Clemson is preparing for Derrick Morgan...again

ACC Championship Assorted Thoughts : On The B.Rink

ACC title game rare rematch The Post and Courier - Charleston SC
CLEMSON -- Saturday's ACC championship game represents a rare occurrence in college football -- a rematch.

A devalued ACC title game? Not to Johnson and Tech | Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley of the AJC relates that Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson isn't apologizing for being in the ACC title game a week after losing to Georgia.