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Tech-Iowa ATS

Since 1999, Iowa has gone 77-53-1 against the spread. Paul Johnson's Tech teams have gone 15-7-1 ATS. This season, CPJ's squad was 8-4 ATS with losses to Georgie, Clemson, Miami, and Wake Forest. Ferentz's squad has gone 7-4 with losses to Northwestern, Arkansas State, Minnesota, and Michigan. "Losses" meaning the team didn't cover the spread.

It's an interesting gauge on how good/bad a team is perceived by the general public, media, and Vegas. Vegas wants the ATS record to be around 50% so they'll shoot up some ridiculous spreads just to see what the betters do. And if you look at Iowa's run under Ferentz, you'll see it's around 58.8% winning percentage.

Using the spread as a predictor, we like the fact that Vegas has Tech at -4. It shows that the general perception amongst football talking heads is a GT win. Also, seeing as Paul Johnson's record at GT is 65.2% ATS, we like GT's odds to cover against Iowa. However, the Hawkeyes are 4-0 as underdogs this season. What are your thoughts on the spread? Too low/high or just right?