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Some Monday Links

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It's the first time in a long time where I don't have any type of post game thoughts. Here are some links that I think you will all enjoy. More on Iowa later in the week!

Random CFB

The 2009 Bowls that Actually Matter: College Football Cafeteria

The Big Ten wants to expand, at last. But to where? - Dr. Saturday
For 18 years, the staunch old Big Ten has watched the SEC's two-division, championship game model take hold and proliferate, quickly helping submerge one conference (the SWC) to create the Big 12 and relegate another (the Big East) to seemingly permanent second-class status in the service of expanding the ACC.

Exploring issues in Heisman voting - Colleges -
A historic Heisman Trophy vote made Mark Ingram the winner of the most famous bronze statue in sports by the narrowest margin in its 75-year history. It also highlighted some of the problems and quirks - both new and old - in choosing college football's top player.

2010 Orange Bowll

Iowa Football: Hawkeyes planning for versatile Georgia Tech | | The Des Moines Register
Talking about Georgia Tech's triple-option sent A.J. Edds down memory lane. 'High school,' Iowa's senior linebacker said of the last time he faced a similar offensive scheme. 'It was way back. It's nothing like these spread (offenses), dink and dunk.

Ghost of Orange Bowls Past Visits The Iowa Hawkeyes | Sports Then and Now
This is the ghost of Orange Bowls past—specifically 2003, when the Iowa Hawkeyes met the USC Trojans….In case you have not heard this before, be advised that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Study your lessons well, Iowa Hawkeyes, before you head off to another Orange Bowl contest.

Tech defenders attempt to block criticism - Coley Harvey
As exciting as Georgia Tech’s ACC championship win and Orange Bowl berth may be, there still have been a few harsh grumblings coming from some Yellow Jackets fans. Those concerns have been fueled largely by what has been perceived throughout the year as poor performances from Georgia Tech’s defense.

OTB’s ACC CFB Review–Coastal Division : On The B.Rink
Coastal Player of Year: Georgia Tech QB Josh Nesbitt–Nesbitt commanded one of the best offenses in the FBS division and had so many key runs to clinch wins all season. His development at the QB in Johnson’s system was the difference between just another bowl and their trip to a BCS bowl this season.