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Regular Season rematches

Block-C mentioned something in his response to the roundtable about GT and rematches in the ACCCG. Here's the quote:
Mark it down: if Georgia Tech does go to the ACCCG and face a team they’ve already played, they will lose.

I've heard the theory before of beating a team the second time is twice as hard or some other garbage like that. I don't believe it. The better team typically wins. Hence, the following information. There have been 53 conference championship games since the first 1992 SEC Championship. The ACC has had 4, the Big 12 has had 12, C-USA has had 4, the MAC has had 12, the WAC had 3 in the late 90's, and the SEC has had 16. In those 53 games, the conference champions had already met 21 times in the regular season. Of those 21 times, 13 teams won the regular season game and the conference championship or 61.9% of the time. That's not much to hang your hat on but, to me, that's more factual than simply stating "it's harder to beat someone twice in one season" ala Lou Holtz. So in closing, the conference champion is usually the best team in the conference and usually wins the rematch in the conference title game.