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10 Reasons the Institute hates the University [sic]

I ran through some of our archives to find some of the classic material for Hate Week. (Editor's note: Sorry for the previously broken links)

10 Reasons the Institute hates the University [sic]:

These are ten chronological reasons why the Institute and the University [sic] do not like eachother and they are pretty legitimate reasons for Tech fans to generally distrust, dislike, or plain out hate ugag:

10. The founding of Tech in the 1880's was originally planned as the mechanical engineering school of uga.  Uga politicians/faculty wanted the School of Technology in Athens but luckily the governor's office wanted an independent non-agricultural school that would not be influenced by the aggies.  Big time controversy led to Tech's opening being postponed.  Thank God the first Tech Men won the debate.

9. November 4, 1893.  We are invited to play ugag in football.  Our first ever victory in football.  Our first ever dealings with ugag's athletic department and we are pelted by ugag fans with rocks and garbage.  Then, chased by a mob back to our awaiting train.  Our star player Leonard Wood finished the game with several stitches above his eye that were the result of hurled debris.

8. 1908. Ugag alumni incite Southern Conference investigation into recruiting practices of John Heisman.  Heisman was the definition of moral character and gave all of his records, books, and such to the investigators who found no fault in his program.

7. 1919. The boys come home from World War I.  Tech acted as a military officer training facility and had a full compliment of men on campus during the war.  Ugag's student body was a mass of grunts that quit school and joined up.  So in celebration of ugag's students return, they threw a big parade.  In the parade, ugag displayed a donkey painted yellow that said "Tech in Atlanta" and a tank that had "UGA in Argonne" painted on the side.  I'm sorry ugag fans but that's pretty f-ing low.  Tech men were leading your hillbilly asses into battle and this is the thanks they get.

6. 1943 and 1944.  Tech destroys ugag in football both years.  Ugag does not recognize the games to this day.  Sore losers.  Once again, we were a military school at the time.  The players that played in those games were legitimately enrolled at Tech.  They were transfers from schools all over the country but our best players were still Tech Men (e.g. John Steber, Phil Tinsley, and Eddie Prokop).

5. 1978.  Tech attempts re-entry into the Southeastern Conference after scholarship limits are imposed and a true recruiting ethics doctrine is implemented.  At one point, SEC teams would over-recruit their rosters and dump kids in the middle of the Summer if they didn't make the team, leaving them without scholarships.  This is one of the main reasons Dodd left the SEC in 1964.  In the 1978 vote, the biggest opponent of Tech was...ugag.  They rallied their fellow redneck schools and shot down Tech's attempt.

4. December 2, 1978. Dooley orders the hit on Eddie Lee Ivery that knocks Ivery out of the ugag game and out of the Heisman race.  Bullshit move by a bullshit coach.

3. 1994. Ugag athletic department cites the The Omni's proximity to Tech's campus as the reason ugag can't beat Tech in basketball.  They didn't take into account the fact that ugag fans don't give two shits about basketball and weren't coming to the games or that their teams/coaches sucked.

2. November 25, 1993.  The most recent of Tech-ugag bench clearing brawls 'cause Ray Goof thought it was cool to leave the starters in with the game in hand. Congrats Ray, your team beat a 5 win Tech team.  I wish Ryan Stewart had punched him in the face during the fight.

1. 1999. The ugag band stabs our giant inflatable buzz... That's pretty low. Good thing we made the band pay for it.

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