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Tuesday Mornin' Hatin' on uga with Winfield & Dane

I didn't really feel like analyzing Georgia Tech's ability to achieve first downs, the air density of the respective gamedays affecting the trajectory of Josh Nesbitt's passing angles, or the decibel level of the opposing crowd in relation to our defense's performance. I wanted to delve into the psyche of two Tech fans and their entry into the rivalry known as Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate. I asked them a sequence of six questions. They became so enraged by the fifth question that they didn't even answer it. Dane smashed his face through his computer monitor. Winfield, in extreme blood lust, went out to start a bar fight, got lost on the way to the bar, bought some chocolate, and calmed his nerves by consuming A LOT of calories. Here are the questions and the answers Winfield and Dane provided:

1. When was the Tech-Georgie rivalry firmly ingrained in your conscience? What game or event set the tone for your rivalry experience?
Dane: 2005. My red-and-black-loving (un-American... the Nazi's wore red and black) sister made me stick around after the game, in order to listen to the Redcoats (un-American) play that damn Union marching song (anti-Southern). Made me take a picture of her and that stupid Hairy Dawg mascot. We finally get to leave out of the south gate, while the band is leaving too. We are slowly walking through the crowd when a sousaphoner puts his hand to my chest in order to stop my progress and goes "DUDE, DONT BREAK OUR RANK" or something bandly like that. I grab the guy's wrist, push him back, and let the verbal assault begin. I was enraged, and told him and his mother that they could get out of our stadium and go straight to Hell among a few other things.

I was a georgia fan before coming to the glorious Institute, and up until that point I didn't quite get it. Sure, I had talked some smack on behalf of the Jackets but until then I just wasn't hardcore about hating georgia. Maybe I should thank that fat bastard for opening his mouth - but I really wish I would have just knocked his teeth into the back of his throat and faded away into my dorm room. THWG.

Winfield: 1997. Georgia 27 Tech 24. Living outside of the Southeast sucks when your team is on regional TV. My dad was stationed in Dayton, Ohio and we were in Cleveland with family for Thanksgiving. It was the first time I vividly remember it was the first time I saw my dad upset over a football game. That is my earlier memory of Georgia Tech vs. georgie. The next year, 1998, was a great year. Yet again, back in Cleveland. We had no TV again (had to watch other games just for highlights!) The clip of Luke Manget hitting that field goal made my entire family erupt in jubilee! And the my extended family just staring in confused wonder. Same thing happened in 2008, only I had tears in my eyes.

2. Where does beating Georgie rank amongst the following: Winning a Division Title, Winning an ACC Title, Winning the National Title? Explain.
Dane: Beating georgia means nothing, but losing to them means everything. Mutt fans like beating Tech way more than we like beating them. I know that sounds crazy - but that's really all they had, and now it's gone. I heard "seven" more times last season than any other word, and every georgia fan I met made it a point to tell me that they owned us. No, you owned Chan Gailey. And now he's gone. And now you are boned. Based on our history, conference (even ACC) and national titles go hand-in-hand with beating the mongrels. In the past week there has been more talk about playing Clemson than georgia.

Winfield: Well, you can't win the MNC if you don't beat georgie, so those go together. Winning only a division title? Pssh beat georgie. Winning the conference doesn't mean anything if you lose to an SEC team because of that national perception. Then you have to think of the RIDICULOUS scenario where you have an absymal season. Beating georgie makes the sun shine, the women disrobe, and the waterfalls flow.

3. If the Georgia Bulldogs were an ice cream flavor, what flavor would they be?
Dane: Initially, I considered posting a link to 2 Girls 1 Cup. However, we like blogging for SB Natoin, so I decided against it.

If you unplugged an ice cream machine and left the reservoir full for two weeks, then turned it back on and served what was inside - that would be their flavor.

Winfield: I don't like ice cream. I don't like georgie.

4. A lot of innocent bystanders always ask the following, "Why do you always shout 'To Hell With Georgia!'? That's the state you live in, silly!" Define the phrase for commonfolk and what it means to you.
Dane: I haven't heard the whole "hurr hurr you are from that state" as much as the "WTF you aren't even playing them today!" "To Hell with georgia!" is a greeting, a cheer, a toast, and a parting phrase (I'd go as far as to call it a benediction). It doesn't matter who we are playing, it's always THWG.

Winfield: Damn the rival! And ditto Dane who got to the response before I did.

5. Why is this rivalry better than made for tv rivalries like the World's Largest Cock-fest or the Red River Donkey Punch?
Dane: We live with these people. We have to see them everyday at Chick-fil-a (while they push around the mop bucket and salivate over the smell of our food). They get in our way at the beer aisle and the liquor store. Sometimes they work with us. Living in such close quarters with these animals makes the rivalry that much more meaningful.

Winfield: I've had this discussion with Bird quite a few times. In-State rivalries are true rivalries because 364 days out of the year I see these people. In Georgia, I hear that bark and it makes me vomit.

That's it. Share your stories in the comments. Answer the questions freely. Don't be embarrassed if you took on an entire uga fraternity and WON. Be embarrassed for them. Here's a video I found on facebook: