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Now begins a very unproductive week

Before this week dives into the craziness that is soon to come, it's time to offer some congratulations to a loyal reader of the blog. My brother was accepted into Georgia Tech this Friday evening and will be enrolled as a Freshman in the Fall. He will become the 11th member of our family to attend the beloved Institute.  He will also be the 3rd of 3 boys to go to Tech and become the 3rd, 4th generation Tech man. Congratulations brother and I fully expect you to run for Ramblin' Reck Driver in 2014/2015.

And now back to what we were talking about....oh yeah.


Hate Week started early for us with the passing of uga.  He was my favorite of the mutts as he was the only uga who couldn't beat the Jackets. Yes, we joked around with his passing and more will come for sure.  Hate Week continued through the weekend, as the Ginger Ninja snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and let Kentucky come back from a 20-6 deficit to win in Athens for the first time in 32 years. It's something that's just another odd thing about being a Tech fan. Tech fans find [almost] more joy in georgie failing than Tech success. While I don't completely support that, it is something that I have accepted, so I just let it be!

The "To Hell with Georgia" edition of The Technique should be out sometime later today so be on the lookout for the always comical piece on U[sic]GA.

And just to brighten you're day and week, let's start Hate Week off right with today's "Hate Week Picture of the Day"


Feel the hate. (Courtesy of The Gooley)

To Hell with Georgia!