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Cheers to 2008, 2009 Hate Week Begins

Here's a quick look back at last year's posts during Hate Week:

We play those animals from the Clark County Community College on Saturday, and I plan on tearing down their stadium with my bare hands after we take our victory, then set Athens ablaze, leaving only cinders in the wake of their defeat. Even the tears from every eye of the doggie nation would be able to put out a fire fueled by such hate. - 11/24/08, Dane in Monday After-test-that-no-one finished update

Dane has a berserker rage that is unequaled. Ask Vanderbilt. They had to medical redshirt half the sorority sisters there after Dane left.
I would rather be beaten, tarred, and feathered than put on a single piece of uga clothing even if it did come from the nice Wal Mart on the other side of town - 11/25/08, Dane in I hate uga

Obviously, Dane knows Athens and all three of their Wal Marts. Metro Atlanta only has two Wal Marts. Point ATL.
Because there's not a special thing about ugag. Between the hedges? Pssh! The entire SEC has hedges. The damn mutt of a dog was copied off of Yale University and the Georgie "G"...the Green Bay Packers! - 11/25/08, Winfield in Georgie's why

Winfield strikes at the heart of all great Bulldog traditions or lack thereof.
We beat the preseason national champions. We beat St. Richt and we beat the Bulldogs while Stafford arguably had one of the best games of his career. Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech are here to stay and our presence has been felt. - 12/1/08, Winfield in the Monday After

I think this is probably the biggest fear of Bulldog fans. A fall into Jim Donnan-esque disarray with the rise of Paul Johnson.
Now let me tell you what is going to happen today. That Georgie team is going to come running out of the tunnel screaming and crying. They will be foaming at the mouth and smashing one another upside the head just to get warmed up. A couple of them will throw up on the sidelines for good measure. We will not do any of that. I do not want to see tears in your eyes. While they are wasting energy we will conserve ours. We will direct our energy into constructive action. I have told you they bigger, faster, and tougher than you. All that is true, but we do have one advantage. We are smarter than they are. - Bobby Dodd

Had to close with the man, himself. Have a good pre-Thanksgiving weekend!