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Regarding mascots

You know, we were thinking about starting the week of hatred after this upcoming Saturday, but in light of recent developments (like the death of Uga VII)... screw it. I hate georgia every other day, so why wait for Sunday?

Let's cut to the chase. That dog was a recessive gene on a leash laying on a bag of ice. Seriously, it had "been given a clean bill of health from the UGA vet school a week earlier." His death... well, unsurprising when you consider that this is not a healthy dog but rather an abomination that was most likely forced into and pried from it's mother's womb by human hands. You guys want me to feel bad about Uga VII's nonexistent soul being released from its miserable earthly prison? I'll pass, thanks. Irresponsible breeding has turned these things into "walking vet bills" (in quotes as it is from soon to be vet from georgia), so don't blame me for its sudden departure from this world. Yes, it was a pet, just like these dogs. Start the waterworks, ladies and gentlemen.

I do feel a bit of sympathy for the people who actually own the dog - nobody likes to lose a pet and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But let's get real, there are very few people who can claim that this was their pet. So no, I'm not going to overreact and claim a tragedy has occurred. No georgia fans cried when our mascot very nearly met an untimely end, one that endangered the lives of the passengers who were towing our beautiful icon. Plenty had a lot to say, including the poster known as h0bnail on DawgPost, who wrote:

"I like how half of them are justifying it because we made fun of their stupid car being wrecked. Yeah...that's the same. Sh*tbags..."
No, it is not the same. Our mascot has never missed a home game (unlike yours, which will be very, very absent against Kentucky this Saturday). Our most beloved Dean Dull personally found the car and brought it to campus. The legendary Coach Bobby Dodd picked its current beautiful shade of gold. It represents a time where those who grew up in the Depression displayed their engineering prowess by owning a beater that you could just barely keep running. It has been a part of many weddings, chauffeuring newlyweds around on their day of bliss. In its storied history, it has also carried loved ones of the Tech community in their last stages of life, including carrying the ashes of those who have passed. Your mascot is the most common, boring, worthless mascot in America. Make no mistake - there is absolutely no comparison between the animals you drag into Sanford every other weekend and the Ramblin' Reck from Georgia Tech.

To every georgia fan who happens to stumble across this blog: Please share it with your friends. Post on your blogs about us. Complain about how classless we are over what was a pretty funny and to any reasonable person a fairly benign picture. I'm not going to waste the time to argue with you, but I know one thing for sure. We aren't as bad as your fellow fans - at least we aren't offering money for pictures of the dead body. Careful coming down off that high horse, y'all.

See you in eight days, and as always, To HELL with georgia!