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George Mason Preview with Open Thread Possibilities

George Mason is our round 2 opponent. Let's do this....

George Mason dropped their opening game like Tech but GM had a little bit more depressing of a finish than Tech. George Mason appears to be sifting through their depth chart and played 10 different guys for 10 minutes or more yesterday. They're led by sophomore forward Ryan Pearson who played 37 minutes for the Patriots. The Pats only shot 3 for 13 from behind the 3 point line against 'Nova so that should play into Tech's apparent weakness of defending the long ball.

I think this tournament is definitely gonna help Hewitt find out who his leaders are and who his ballers are. We'll probably end up playing 2-3 NCAA tournament teams in a short span of time and we'll really get a good hold of who we've got on the bench before ACC play in January.

Concerning the game, here's some more preview material about GMU: Preview for Nova Game, Blogger Q/A exchange between Nova-GMU bloggers, & ESPN coverage of GMU recruiting successes.

Post your pre-tipoff and ingame thoughts! Woohoo! Go Tech! Beat the Hell Outta the Patriots!