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Week 10 Blogpoll Rough Draft

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Texas 1
4 Cincinnati 1
6 Boise State
7 Georgia Tech
8 Oregon 2
9 Iowa
10 LSU 2
11 Penn State 2
12 Southern Cal 4
13 Houston 1
14 Miami (Florida) 2
15 Pittsburgh
16 Ohio State 2
17 Oklahoma State
18 Virginia Tech 7
19 Arizona 2
20 Utah
21 Clemson 3
22 California
23 Central Michigan
24 Notre Dame
25 Auburn


Dropped Out: South Carolina (#19), West Virginia (#22), Navy (#25).

Honestly, not a whole lot of movement this week. But here's things to pick up on from our respective ballots.
  • Don't forget that this is a DRAFT and we rely on you to tell us how horrible we are.
  • Virginia Tech focused on us "cheating" for two weeks and then proceeded to implode. Suck Turkeys. What are you gonna do this week?
  • Notre Dame has creeped back in to the rankings (again).
  • California jumps back in as the Pac-10 begins to influence the ballot rather well.
  • Personally, I think Pittsburgh is too high and looking at my individual ballot, that is my fault. They will drop for sure, but how far people?!
  • Is Auburn back? Are they for real?
  • Central Michigan didn't move in the rough draft, but they lost. WTF? They'll be gone soon for the final.
  • The Big 10 SUCKS
Tell us how bad we ranked 'em below!