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From The Rumble Seat: A community that involves the reader

Over the past few weeks, we've been seeing quite an increase in hits and new names come across the site and we want to make everyone feel welcome!  I want to bring out the reminder on how we want to make this a community for everyone and not just a soapbox for three dudes who have too much time on their hands (*cough* Bird especially! cough*)

There are three different ways you can be a part of From The Rumble Seat and we encourage you to utilize all the options! Quick descriptions below. If you are a newcomer to the blog and wish to contribute, all you have to do is register. It takes about 2 minutes of your time (if you type really really slow) and then you can just check the box that keeps you logged in and you'll never have to worry about it again.


Many of you do this already. See a post you like or you think someone is wrong? Let them know it! Think our blogpoll ballot needs some tweaking? Say it! Want to see something added to the site? Don't just keep quiet, comment!


You can use FanPosts to spark conversation about a specific topic that isn't covered on the front page.  We try to cover as much material as we can but there is always some topic that seeps through.  You start the discussion! These should be a little longer than FanShots and should bring up an issue you feel Tech fans would feel worthy of debating. Also, if we catch it in time we will try to get your post moved to the Front Page where everyone can see your entry and build the discussion.


These are links, quotes, photos and videos you feel should be shared with the community. Use these if you have nothing to add to them and don't feel they're worthy of a full FanPost.

Through the comments, FanPosts and FanShots, From The Rumble Seat should feel more like a community than just a blog. It isn't a message board or a radio call-in show, but it does allow you to join the conversation on and be a part of Georgia Tech athletics.