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Blog Poll Map Week 11

So this week GT moved up 0 spots to #7 in the blog poll. 86 voters voted and people really like us at #7. 51 blogs, in fact, voted us at #7. This was a 1.34% drop from last week. For the most part, everyone was cordial as only 3 bloggers dropped us in ranking after we destroyed Duke. All three put Pitt above us at #7 and moved us down to #8, which I find silly because Pitt dropped the NCSU game earlier this season.

Here are some thoughts from the guys who gave us our highest ranking and lowest ranking we received. Good stuff. The map is broken down by states who didn't rank us as high as 7th (red), states who ranked us 7th on average (navy and brown), and states who ranked us higher than 7th (yellow):


I broke down navy and brown states as consensus and non-consensus. So brown states averaged out to be 7th place voters while navy states WERE 7th place voters. Please note the states of Kansas, North Carolina, and Oregon (like their football teams) have lost a lot of enthusiasm concerning polling.