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ACC Roundtable Week 12 - Jinx Clemson Edition

This is the Week 12 ACC roundtable hosted by Block-C. Winfield and Dane appear busy so I threw together some relatively simple answers for some Clemson-style-simpleton-chicken bog-mud rasslin'-type questions:

1) Let's just say, not trying to jinx anything here, but let's just say the Tigers make the ACC Championship game versus Georgia Tech. Who wins, and why?
We win because we are the bees' knees. We explained numerically why GT should be favored in one of Bird's earlier posts. The better team wins the head to head and conference championship game 13 times out of 21. The odds are in GT's favor. Our offense is cooking. Clemson is merely on an emotional high and will suffer a caffeine crash after South Carolina. Just like Dabo settled playing wide receiver rather than quarterback or running back. He didn't want to take the big hits. He didn't want the pretty girls. He just wanted the average ones the star players didn't take.

Dabo and Clemson settle. GT wants more. GT wants titles.

2) Has the ACC taken the form that you thought it would at the beginning of the season? If not, what didn't you see coming? Disappointments? Pleasant surprises?
Our predictions were the following order: Atlantic - Clemson, Wake, FSU, NCSU, MD, and BC. Needless to say, BC definitely overachieved for a team that just had a coaching change. We predicted a strong Clemson and Wake season. Wake due to Riley Skinner's senior year, Clemson for talent reasons. We didn't expect much from FSU and they proved us correct.

Concerning the Coastal, we predicted: GT, VT, UNC, UVA, Miami, and Duke. We were a little wrong about Miami and Duke but we got the top end right and that's all that matters. No one cares about second through sixth. It's all about the gold medals.

3) If your team is not in contention for the ACCCG, what are the necessary changes your program has to make to get your team into the game next year? If there's still a shot, what do you guys need to have happen in order to find yourself in Tampa? Non-team specific writers, pick your flavor of the week and go with it.
We're in. Money in the bank. Plane tickets are bought, hotel rooms booked. Next year, we just gotta tighten up our defensive line and hope Wommack learns a thing or two about open field tackling.

4) If you could point to one player as the brightest spot on your team, who would that person be? Extrapolate a little for us please.
Josh Nesbitt is the most popular guy on campus right now. However, the QB is an easy pick. Anthony Allen has added an explosive player on the edge that we needed early on when Roddy Jones while injured. Allen averages 10.6 yards per carry and scores a TD every 10 or so carries. That's pretty good, in FTRS' opinion.

5) Swap one player on your team for a player from your hated rival. Who you got and why?
We'd like to trade some GT engineers for some women from Athens. We don't really envy any of Georgie's players this season. Their best player is a wide receiver who has dreams of the NFL. Our best wide receiver lays the wood on every play and brings intimidation to the ACC's defensive backfield. We need a player who will work with the run game not a prima donna bean poll whose only skill appears to be catching fades.

If we're talking, slightly disliked rival then we wouldn't mind some of Clemson's DT's or Deandre McDaniel. It would be nice to have a defensive back to compliment Morgan Burnett.

That's all From the Rumble Seat. Let us know your thoughts.