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Duke Guest Blogger: Nobody Edition!

There is nobody on the interwebs who blogs about Duke Football or who cares (yet) enough to write about Duke football. There are very few students who even care to go to the games before Duke football. But do you know what Duke students do do? (heh heh do do). You will find plenty of Dookies hanging out in the parking lot of the stadium.  It's surely not tailgating. Rather it's a massive party of kids who dress in bright colors (no no clothes), parade to the stadium, get drunk and then go home. See for yourself:


Bright colors and tall hats...


We definitely are NOT in Charlottesville








Busch Beer and soccer jerseys....the style of choice!


Well, this is your Thursday Duke segment. No blogger, but plenty of pictures. Six of us will be driving up Friday early afternoon to watch us clinch the game and yes, we want to find this parade/ party/ festival but don't you worry, we'll make it through the gate.

Go Jackets!