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Blog Poll Map Week 10

GT moves up to #7 in the blog poll. Little to no thanks should be given to this blog or this blog as they were biggest drinkers of hater-ade after this weekend's game against Wake. The home state betrays the Jackets and turns to the bottom quartile (red) for the first time this season. The Bible Belt's hold on the Jacket's ranking is starting to fracture as well. At the end of the season, I'll make sure to compile all the blogs' movement of the Jackets throughout the season. I'm sure we'll see regional, conference, and time zone biases in effect. Here's the map:


Colors of states are determined by their respective bloggers' votes. Red - Bottom quartile, Brown - Bottom 50%, Navy - Top 50%, Yellow - Top Quartile. The range of votes went as low as 13th and as high as 4th. The best voting conference concerning GT was the ACC, which gave GT just short of 6th place on average. The worst voting conferences were the Mountain West and the SEC, which voted GT half way between 7th and 8th place. Almost everyone voted GT 7th (57 out of 94 voters).