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Famous Ignorant Tactical Miscalculations In History

Goliath: One of them want to fight me?

Philistine: Yes, Goliath.

Goliath: Well, how big is he?

Philistine: Not much bigger than 5 feet. He's like... a kid or something.

Goliath: Are there any others?

Philistine: No, just him.

Goliath: Well I guess this is alot easier then fighting all of them, right?




Xerxes: No! No!? How many are there? 300? This is going to be a piece of cake.




Smelly Frenchman: But Mr. Bonaparte, aren't you worried about the cold?

... what? Why? How cold is it supposed to get in Russia?




You can read this whole interview here.

Q: Is the passing attack with Thomas a worry?

Bowden: Well, in the wishbone, the running game is 90% of it. I don't know of anybody in the wishbone that comes out throwing the ball all over the field trying to beat you with the forward pass. You run the ball the so good, that you start neglecting their receiver - I make that singular - sometimes they will send out more than that. The receiver, all of the sudden he is wide open and they end up killing you with the passing game. But it is still a running game offense. It's an offense you don't want to get behind. You don't want to be two touchdowns behind because again, it's a ball control, running offense primarily.

Q: What can you say about Thomas specifically?

Bowden: Is he the receiver?

Q: He is one of the receivers. He caught about 180 yards last game.

Bowden: Was he there last year?

Q: Yes sir.

: I remember the guy they had last year, I thought he was excellent. They have another guy too?

Q: Yeah, they use a two wide receiver set.

Bowden: Are they in at the same time?