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At least we still don't have to play on blue turf

The Champs Sports Bowl officially contracted for the #3 choice of ACC teams yesterday, bringing the total amount of New Year's Day Bowls to.... zero.

To make matters worse,  the game is now and SEC/BIg 10 matchup. Now, I'm not necessarily sad we are missing out on playing a Big 10 team, but the fact is that we now have two games scheduled for the new year - the GMAC Bowl (WOOHOO) and the Orange Bowl.

I make fun of the GMAC Bowl, but let's face it... nobody even really cares about the Orange Bowl anyway. They were having trouble giving tickets away, its ratings blew (not even half that of the Rose Bowl).

ACC teams were lambasted for having to travel to Boise to lose a game on the Smurf Turf. Yeah, it's great that we are done with that, but really... are things that much better? What we are seeing is the effects of the awful name that the ACC has when it comes to football. Hell, it's deserved. We've laid an for the past couple of bowl seasons, and we really don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to the conference wars.

.I wish we would have never left the SEC, and I wish we would have gotten back in when we had our chance.

That's always a good one. Let us know what you think about our ACC/Bowl situation.