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Blog Poll Map of Week 5

GT is back in the blog poll rankings at 19th. We saw a cool 6 place jump after thumping Mississippi State last week. The number of bloggers that didn't rank us dropped from 46 (45.10%) to 21 (22.58%). Sadly, three bloggers felt our convincing win wasn't convincing enough and dropped us from their top 25 ballots: Rocky Top Talk, Maize 'n' Brew, and Double Extra Point. The long time nemesis of the Jackets, who voted in 5 straight ballots against Tech's top 25 dreams, the Ciskie Blog, finally voted Tech into the Top 25. Now, the only blogger in the CBS blog poll yet to feel the sting of the Yellow Jackets is Gate 21.

States are sorted by their voting average and then quartile (yellow is good, blue is okay, brown is bad, red is terrible). Ranking by state: Yellow is 12.67th-19.5th, blue is 20th-21.5th, brown is 21.8th to 23.67th, red is 24th-unranked. Here's the top 25 blog poll map: